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Welcome to Amalfitan coast

The areas covered in UNESCO world heritage in radius of 15 miles from Villa Amalia.

Cava represents the gate of the Amalfi Coast, from which it’s separated by a one mile verdant road. Cava is a star-shaped town for its distinctive urban structure. In fact, it is characterized by a central city, the Borgo, and by more twenty hamlets which form a kind of crown to the Borgo.

The origins date back to the years following the Abbey foundation in 1080. The Borgo with its porticoes and the imposing noble mansions, characteristic sign of economical and political power, and the hamlets, still keep a lot of historical evidences of their past made of arts, crafts and commercial activities for which Cava was rightly famous and appreciated.

The Borgo is not only arts, history and culture. It’s also night and day life; numerous stores, american bars, restaurants and pubs make this street a place to enjoy , among lights and silent places which give to the ancient Borgo a mysterious and fancy atmosphere.

All the most beautiful beaches of the Amalfi coast away from Villa Amalia from 1.5 miles to 2.5 miles.




Royal Palace