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General Booking Conditions

Villa Amalia deals with four minimun rental days for a maximum of four consecutive weeks for the same client. Only during the low season is possible to change the arrival and departure days.

When the option request has been received (by e-mail, fax, telephone) and when the availability of the villa for the chosen period has been verified, we’ll reserve the villa for the client by sending the option confirmation.

The options will last for 96 hours during the low season and for 48 hours in high season; in that time the clients may inform Villa Amalia of their decision. If reservation will arrive within 40 days prior arrival, request are considered.

The clients will receive the booking form from Villa Amalia (on-line download, e-mail or using our booking engine ) to complete, sign, and send back by email.

With the dispatch of the above mentioned countersigned booking form and with remittance of payment of the advance , the booking goes into effect.

When these documents have been received, Villa Amalia will send the relative invoice as confirmation of the booking.

Time of arrival and departure

The times scheduled for arrival are between 04.00 and 07.00 pm.

We invite guests to let us know at least a week before the beginning of stay at what time they will be arriving so that we can be on site waiting for them in order to facilitate entry to the Villa. Any change regarding date and time of arrival must be communicated to staff as soon as possible by e-mail or telephone to the customer service number.

Departure from the Villa will be in the morning before 10.00 am, thus allowing access at 09.00 am to the staff to control the state of the Villa and get the place ready for the afternoon arrivals.



    Arrival at the Villa

    On arrival guests are requested to present a personal document to the staff for registration as required by Italian law.

    On arrival guests must pay the staff the security deposit of 1.000 euros in cash. The deposit will be returned to the guests on departure after the state of the Villa has been checked and after deduction of eventual damages caused by the guests, or supplementary costs (services not included & on request, if not yet paid).

    Number of guests and their identification

    At the time of booking the clients are required to declare all their names and the age of any children under 10 who will stay in the Villa and whose presence will be communicated to the authorities. The number ( adults and children ) must not be exceeded in any way. The staff must be informed and must approve any substitution or increase in number of guests that will occur in the Villa during the stay, agreeing with the staff who will be free to charge any extra costs. If the clients didn’t advise the staff about extra guests presence, the staff will be free to send away the exceeding persons from the Villa.


    If Villa Amalia is forced to cancel the clients booking for reasons beyond its will or by reasons of force majeure, Villa Amalia will reimburse the amount of money payed increased of 5%.

    We would remind clients that Villa Amalia is a private house with Self-Catering and it is not a hotel or a farm holiday structure and as such it is not classified in internationally know categories, and has been restructured and furnished according to the tastes of the owner in keeping with traditional Amalfitan architecture.

    What Villa Amalia aims to offer their clients is a life style, in other words the possibility of living and getting to know the habits and customs of the local population and area, spending a holiday in a Villa that presents the italian tradition and amalfitan coast history. The staff is not responsible for any value or personal objects left unprotected in the villa by the guests.

    Behaviour rules

    Clients are kindly requested to adhere to the behaviour rules in force in our country, regarding good manners and respect towards the staff and the structure.

    It is absolutely forbidden to move the internal furniture in the park, to take furniture and ornaments outside the Villa or use them in a different way from their intended use.

    In the case in which a client does not respect the behaviour rules and this results in damage to the structure and the contents thereof or to the outdoor equipment pertaining to the garden or the pool, the owner has the unchallengeable right to consider annulled the rental contract by verbal and written communication to the client.